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Slat Sign - USA Est 1776

 Slat Signs are a great way to display that multiple board look without having to put together multiple boards. We've watered down our paint colors and then used the vinyl as a reverse stencil to get the look here, but you can also just apply the vinyl directly. Step by step instructions will be included with your order. Small board size is shown in picture.

***To create the same look here, we used the negative of the vinyl - please request the vinyl negative in the notes section during checkout if you would like to recreate this the same way

Three Sizes Available

SMALL - 7.25 X 12

MEDIUM - 9.25 X 15

LARGE - 11.25 X 18


1 slatted board (3 sizes available)

1 piece of vinyl (to be used as is or for reverse stenciling)*** 

Step by Step instructions


Paint brush(es)

Paint color(s) - any type of paint can be used.

Water {optional}

Stain and rags {optional}

Fine Grit Sand Paper - preferably 100 {optional}


Vinyl ONLY Option available in the drop down menu.


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