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Slat Sign - It's the most Wonderful

Slat Sign - Wonderful

Slat Signs are a great way to display that multiple board look without having to put together multiple boards. We have a few different ways to creat this sign. A vinyl negative (the most popular since it allows you to use mulitple colors), Reverse stencil (two colors leaving no vinyl on the board in the end) or Vinyl ( where the vinyl stays on the board for the end product, but it will cover the slat sign grooves) Step by step instructions will be included with your order. The medium board size is shown in picture.

Three Sizes Available

SMALL - 7.25 X 12

MEDIUM - 9.25 X 15

LARGE - 11.25 X 18


1 slat board (3 sizes available)

1 piece of vinyl (vinyl negative - to use as a one time stencil, reverse stenciling or as is, please choose in the drop down menu)

Step by Step instructions


Paint brush(es)

Paint color(s) - any type of paint can be used.

Stain and rags {optional}

Fine Grit Sand Paper - preferably 100 {optional}


Vinyl ONLY Option available in the drop down menu.

**Color vinyl options are NOT Vinyl Negatives**



Vinyl Color Option:

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