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Textured Plaque - Happy Haunting

Happy Haunting Plaque

Textured plaques are an inexpensive way to get that unique antiqued look for your home decor! To get the unique antiqued look, you will need to purchase texture cream (sold separately). The texture cream is sold separately since one 8oz jar is enough to complete multiple projects (roughly 6-10 of the large plaques, depends on how thick you apply the cream).


12x12 OR 15.5x15.5 plaque

Vinyl to be used as a stencil

Step by Step instructions


Texture Cream (sold separately, and optional)

Paint colors - any type of paint can be used. We used 3 colors on this plaque using spray paint. White (base coat), Black, and Yellow.

Paint brushes if not using spray paint

Small rag to apply texture cream.

Painters Tape - to create the same look we show here.

Fine Grit Sand Paper - preferably 150 or higher grit (we use approx 220).


VINYL ONLY OPTION IS AVAILABLE - just select the vinyl only correct size in the drop down box.


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