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Christmas Card Holder – and bulk discount!

by rusticbloom

We get them every year, sometimes a few, sometimes a lot but we get them – Christmas Cards. We put them on our fridge, I’ve seen them taped to the back of the front door or even taped to the wall, standing on display on an entry table, put in a pile on the kitchen counter, etc….So why not showcase them this year with a little craftiness using our Christmas Card Holder? The Christmas Card Holder is 18″ long and has two slots the length of the board to slide those cards into and have them out on display. The best part is, it’s only $3.99 per kit. They’re super easy and quick to make (always a bonus!).

Did I say easy? Yep, you need paint. Any kind of paint. Spray paint, acrylic paint, craft paint, whatever you’ve got. Let it dry, add your vinyl then add your cards and your done! If you want to add that little rustic flare of distressing (I LOVE distressed stuff!) then you’ll also need some sand paper {around 60 grit if you used craft/acrylic paint and closer to 80 or 100 grit if you used spray paint}. You can stop there, add your vinyl and be done too if you like or take it one step farther and antique it with stain. Use one lint free dry rag to wipe the stain on and one lint free dry rag to rub it in and wipe the excess off. Add your vinyl {you will need to wait for that stain to be completely dry before adding the vinyl – it can sometimes take longer than you think} and your done!

Need a cute neighbor gift idea? Give them one of the Christmas Card Holders. And to make it easier {and CHEAPER} for a LIMITED time we’re offering discounts when you’re buying more. Buy 5 or more and receive a 15% discount! Oh, you might need double that? Buy 10 or more and receive a 20% discount! Just add the minimum amount required for each discount price and the discount will automatically be applied during checkout. How easy is that? Too easy!

Happy Crafting!

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